Friday, August 1, 2008

You should buy this wine!

I just went to the K&L Wine Merchants site and bought my first-ever case of wine!
Yesterday at Ye Ole Safeway I purchased a bottle of 2005 Carmel Road Pinot Noir since it was listed at the 'club member' price of $14.99; down from $21.99. I was so proud of my purchase since the other half always tells me you can't get a decent pinot for under $25. He was skeptical, but he and our out of town guest loved it!
I went online to get an image of the bottle for the blog and found that K&L (in Redwood City, for those of you local; though for you out-of-towners they have an awesome wine club) had it on special for $12.98. Mama ordered herself 12 of the remaining 26 bottles they have in stock, so you better get in there for the rest before I go buy them.
If you like a spicier pinot noir like I do, this is a really good choice. I still can't believe it is only $12.98!
I think wine is the only thing I am going to be able to (reasonably) intelligently post about today. After several bottles of wine and a late bedtime (for me because I'm lame), the other half had to wake up at 4:15 in the a.m. to get ready to take his friend to the airport. After cursing the clomp-clomping of his feet above me, damn if he didn't wake up B. He was kind enough (insert snarky eye roll here) to bring B into bed with me before he left. One poop (him, not me), two nose blows (me, not him), and one really effingly annoying dying phone battery upstairs that kept beeping every minute (why do those things always go off in the middle of the night?), the other half was already home from a very long trip down to the SJC airport and we had JUST started to doze off. Luckily we were able to get the littlest dude to fall back asleep for another two hours despite him telling us 'NO!' when we asked if he was ready to go back to bed. I guess the pleading from two people who *may have* still smelled of a winery finally wore him out.

Coffee, anyone?

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