Monday, August 4, 2008

My, what beautiful babies you have, Angelina Jolie!

So here I am in the land of the 'blistless' (go look it up--it's blog slang, which I suppose I am now officially geeky enough to use), and I can't think of what to blog about today. Ahh, humility at its finest, no? I mean, if I didn't have something witty or profound to write about, why then am I wasting your valuable time typing up meaningless crap? Oh,'re procrastinating or trying to kill some time too, aren't you? So THAT'S why you're here! haha.

Okay...back to the meaningless crap...

I just got my long-awaited People magazine in the mail and there, smiling before me, are the heavenly couple themselves; she in virginal white, with perfectly applied, minimalistic makeup and recently-waxed brows. He with his messily coifed hair, slightly rugged goatee and also dressed in white. And the precious wee ones we've all been waiting to see. Oh, and then lets go ahead and put a little insert at the top right of the cover of Shiloh to up the 'AWWW!' factor.
These people make cute freakin' babies. Let's admit it.
I've decided to go on this journey with you, my two faithful readers. So let's open to page 52 together, shall we?
Okay, first we've got a larger version of the cover. Turn page, please.
Now we have Shiloh, Angie (because we're cool like that) and the wee ones. Shiloh has a shirt on that says 'George.' I'm sure this is some iconic, more-expensive-than-my-diamond-earrings baby brand that I don't know about, but I find it pretty interesting that a couple who surely does not support the right would dress their daughter in a shirt that touts our President's first name. Someone with more fashion knowledge than me care to enlighten me on this one?
Onto the next page, please. We've got the two little peas on this spread sleeping peacefully with their perfectly pouty lips and Shakespearean-collared white gowns. Sweet.
Oh, crap. I turned the page to the family shot, minus Maddox's head. Apparently baby Shiloh is laying on him, but I'm pretty sure this is more of a symbolic move signifying Maddox's lost place on the totem pole now that two more children have been born. Because, seriously, who can take care of this many children? Oh, wait...Brad and Angelina, that's who. Nevermind.
*Special Note: Pax has sweet hair. It's kind of dirtyish looking, chin length with a trendy blond stripe in the bangs. Do you think he said, 'Mummy & Daddy, please take me to the hair salon to have a highlight put in my bangs?' No. Of course he didn't.

Oh, gah! There's more...NINE freaking more pages to be exact. At least they finally show Maddox's head a little later on. (complete with blue faux hawk--really??)
And there's Zahara. Seriously, this little girl made out like a champ in the looks department and then won the adoption equivalent to the lottery by being chosen by Angelina (I mean Angie) to be her daughter. Lucky little girl, that one.

I've got nothing else today, people. I am sincerely wishing for a bit more sleep tonight so that I can once again regale you with more witty stories of poo or Target bookshelves. I'm sure you can hardly wait.

Over and out...

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