Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day in the Life.

No touch! Sit on your bottom! No standing on the table! Get your hands out of your mouth! Did you poop? Are you ready for a nap? Don't hit the dog! The dogs don't need anymore food!
Where are your brother's glasses? It's not polite to touch someone else's food. I can't understand you when you whine. Stop screaming at me! No more tv! No, you may not watch Ratatouille! Daddy would not be happy about that! Please, please don't yell at me! Books are not food! Mommy needs a time out! B, do you want a time out? Glass will break if you play with it! Don't sit on the dishwasher door! Too close to the tv! B, back up! M, quit touching your penis. Most kids would be happy that their mother took them to the park! No, you may not have another nana--dinner is almost ready. Eat your dinner. Drink your water. Don't touch your poo when I'm changing your diaper. The phone book is not a toy! This is the LAST story!

Goodnight! I love you! Scream, scream, whine, whine...and then...silence :)

*By the way, B is only 10 months old in this photo. I so wish it was kosher to post the video I took tonight of him feeding the dogs while wearing nothing more than his tennis shoes! Classic blackmail!


little miss mel said...

you make me tired girl.


sarah said...

crazy what we do in a day, hour, minute. always on our toes with hardly a minute to relax.
love reading your blog, like a small window into debbies world.
lets get together soon
happy bday miles, right?

Debbie said...

Yes, Sarah! He had a great b-day, thank you. His big day is definitely on tap for my next entry but Mama has come down with some evil virus only two days before I am supposed to have a couple of sans-kids days. Cruel, eh?