Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm A Nerd, That's Why

I dropped a tired M off at school today.  Mondays are the days the kids meet for a few minutes on the black top before starting school.  A time when the principal talks about the values the kids should exhibit that week; a time to say the pledge with the whole school; a time when names are drawn for recognition of a kind gesture the week before.

M's name has never been called at one of these meetings.  I doubt M's previous teacher ever submitted his name for one of the drawings, frankly, though in fairness I shouldn't say that affirmatively since I don't have proof.

M was in his classroom with his aide and I was walking back to my car as I heard the names and their room numbers called.  And just as I was almost out of earshot I heard it.  'M, A-12!'  And even better...all of the other names had elicited hand claps, but my boys' name elicited claps and a loud 'Woo!' from a boy in the crowd.  I can think of one boy in particular who probably did that, and I'll be sure to pass along my own recognition to his Mommy to make her as proud as I felt for my little guy today.  Yes, I am such a sentimental dork that it made me tear up with pride as I walked to my car.  (and again when I repeated it to my other half--oy!)

Thanks, new teacher, for taking the time to recognize my little man and put his name in that drawing.  The inclusiveness this woman has shown in just a few weeks of school are so huge and honestly took very little effort!  I plan on sending her an email now to let her know how appreciative I am.  Gotta keep the flow of appreciative recognition going!