Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ties That Bind Us

I recently posted a request for information on assisted technology devices on one of the autism support boards I frequent. M has really been enjoying the touch screen at his school, and my mother-in-law has been kind enough to offer to pay for one for him.
One woman responded that her daughter had done really well with a Microsoft Easyball mouse device, and that she was happy to send it to us from Ohio. I offered to pay her for shipping at least, but she gladly paid this forward to us for free; and I agreed to do the same once we (hopefully) no longer need it.
It arrived in the mail yesterday, but the roller ball wasn't the best thing in the box; a photo of this woman's children was.
I wanted to share the note that she wrote on the back of it:

C, 9 1/2 and her big brother, C, 13. (Her big brother was lovingly holding down his sister's hands in the photo...such a tale tell sign of autism that I now notice in my own photos with M and other photos of children with this disease)

C was fine until her 18 mos. vaccines triggered autism. She has neuro, gut and immune problems since. She has great receptive language, but still remains non-verbal. She communicates with a few signs and a Tango device. She has had very bad aggression until diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The pentasa for colitis has helped tremendously.
The only payment I ask for, Debbie, is to please keep us in your prayers.
With love,

I emailed her today to let her know her package had arrived and that I would be putting her kids' photo in M's memory box. I also sent her a photo of us that she said she would print out and keep as well.

We both agreed that it would have been a lot nicer to meet people through sports or dance classes, but that the connections we are able to form through meeting parents of other children with autism has been one of the best gifts autism has given.


sarah said...

this story gives me chills. I am in awe of you, the struggles you face, and the wonderful connection you have made and will continue with those near and far

Mandy said...

OMG--you have me in tears. That is a beautiful story! I hope your new gift helps and know the importance of women supporting each other. You rock!

Joanne said...

I am glad to have reconnected with you, even though it's over this connection we have with our boys. I am looking forward to our continued connection. :)