Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spare Some Wishes?

Tomorrow is the meeting that the director of the school I want M to go to (but not at $76k/year!) has with the school's founders. I haven't been able to stop focusing on this day approaching, so I sent an email just to make sure she hadn't forgotten about us! Here is my email:

Thanks again for meeting my little guy two weeks ago. I
> appreciated your time and loved that he connected with you
> so quickly!
> I've already unabashedly expressed my feelings of
> desperation in finding a way for M to be able to attend
> your school, so you probably aren't surprised that
> I've been chomping at the bit about your meeting with
> the founders tomorrow :)
> My husband and I are ready to move closer if things work
> out, but regardless, I am totally prepared to drive the 50
> miles as long as I need to.
> I've got a few strong forces around the U.S. lighting
> candles for us tomorrow in hopes that something works
> out-ha!
> Thank you for keeping M in mind and for putting up with
> his persistent Mom!

And here is the response I received soon after:

To tell you the truth, I haven't STOPPED thinking about M :0) And I appreciate your tenacity - more mom's should be like you. Keep at me!! I'll keep you posted about the results of the meeting. Hang in there and enjoy the weekend. I'll speak with you soon.

I hope I haven't jinxed myself by posting this here, but her response filled me with so much hope and excitement. Please, please let it work out!!


little miss mel said...

Here's to you guys!! All the best tomorrow~!!

Kara said...

Sending all sorts of good mojo and juju and all that bidness your way.

Joanne said...

Me too, Deb. I hope it all works out.