Saturday, March 27, 2010

Team Sports

My is nearing seven years of age. This is the time when he should be signing up for t-ball, joining a soccer team, causing his Mom to make corny jokes about being his chauffeur or putting cheesy bumper stickers on my minivan about being a soccer Mom. (I kid...I would NEVER put a soccer Mom bumper sticker on my minivan. But then again, I also said I'd never get a flipping minivan. Uh-oh.) But, alas, this did not seem to be in his cards...until now.

Our local little league has decided to start a Challenger league...all ages and abilities encouraged to join! Free hats and shirts! Buddy volunteers galore!

I have visions of the other half, B and I cheering from the stands. Of catching a glimpse of that now rare smile of pure, uninhibited joy that M shows when he is really, truly happy. Of him actually running with his buddy and rounding first base; or better yet, touching home plate. Something to do as a family on a Sunday afternoon. Something that makes us bond and feel happy, rather than one that make us feel frustrated and homebound.

And then there are the other visions...the ones that are quite probable. The ones where M hates challenger baseball and refuses to take his buddies hand or move his legs. Or worse, scratches an innocent volunteer when they try to encourage him to play.

We start tomorrow. The other half is out of town, so it will be just B and I. Please don't let this be a disappointment! Please don't let this be another thing that I have such high hopes for and the other half tells me, 'See? I knew this was a bad idea.'

Please help me to not cry in front of the other families from pride or letdown, as I am so prone to do. (or as I'm doing now because I'm a nutcase who is also totally hormonal) I know that these are our people and they will understand, but I want to hold my head high with either outcome and say nothing more than, 'at least I tried.'

And then...we start special olympics swim lessons on Tuesday. And these are free, too.

And soon, I can hopefully say, 'Yes, my son plays sports, too. He swims and plays baseball. And he loves it.'


Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you on Sunday; please let us know how it goes.

"Giving it try" is all we can ask of ourselves and our kids.

Hoping it brings some joy.

- Joan in PA

Mandy said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!! That's a fantastic idea!! I wish they had it here and would definitely sign Margelle up as a helper. I think it's a win-win for all involved. Everyone will understand if you cry. I had tears in my eyes at MEK's first game b/c she got over the horribly restricting uniform and went out there and gave it her best (after an hour plus meltdown at home..) Can't wait to hear more about it. Hugs to you all.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

All you can do is try it! Your son, like many of our children, may NOT like baseball, or even swimming. Do not get discouraged if it doesn't work out. It is not important in the scheme of life to say your son is involved in sports. My daughter has tried karate, basketball, soccer and now dance. She loves it for the first 3 times, then she gives up, (after I've paid the "big bucks".) I think she would really benefit from team sports, but if she doesn't like it, it isn't worth it. If your son is happy,that is what counts!
Lindsey Peterse