Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Victories

It's prudent to mention something bright amidst the other noise. Last week two energetic, young, TRAINED, paraprofessionals were hired from a non-public agency to be M's new aides during the day. WOOHOO!

These two women are from a well-respected agency in our area and have worked extensively with children on the spectrum and are trained in behavioral techniques.
I am remaining skeptically optimistic about the effect this will have on M, but am so thrilled that his primary interaction will no longer be with people who don't understand him.

This does not, of course, change the fact that he is in a ridiculously over-stimulating classroom with a teacher who finds him a burden. Her latest snub was to not let us know that they were doing Valentine's cards or having a party. I called her out on it when I walked into the classroom and saw all the children working excitedly on their cards. She sort of brushed me off with a 'Well, I just forget to put things in his backpack.' M rarely has schoolwork or notices in the backpack he carries to school every single day.

I am working on that part of things and will hopefully get him moved to the other special day classroom where things are a bit more disorganized in some ways, but at least the teacher is extremely loving and kind; traits that can make all the difference for my little guy.


Cassy said...

Hooray for trained paras!!!!!

redheadmomma said...

I'm really mad about that teacher. Really mad. WHY do they exist? *grumble*