Friday, July 3, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

The second half of yesterday was B-A-D. (And no, not in a Michael Jackson sort of way)
I was in the foulest of foul moods, and I'm sure now most of my neighbors are aware of this fact as well :)

I was going to blog about it last night, but I kept thinking that my opening line would have been something to the effect of me calling the other half on the phone, (as he was wining and dining clients in downtown San Diego at the time), and saying 'GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF THIS STRESSHOLE!!'

And that would have likely been followed by a very large string of run-on sentences describing all of the pleasantries my children, dogs, bum ankle, and lovely, multi-storied, hilly-freaking house were providing me on an afternoon where all I really wanted to do was watch them in the backyard as they got a little fresh air and I drank a nice glass of chianti and read my People magazine. Uh, yeah...not so much.

Seriously, people. It should NOT be this hard to do such a simple thing! But it is. This is my life, for better or for worse.

A couple of weeks ago a similar scenario played out, but while we were attempting to have the kids play outside the other half and I were trying to grill some dinner. Total chaos. Not one moment of someone not crying, screaming, asking for this, that and the other, PUTTING THEIR HANDS DOWN THEIR PANTS (ahem), etc. The other half and I were beat. Exhausted. Stick a fork in us, we were done. He looked at me with weary eyes and said, 'It wasn't supposed to be this hard.' I immediately went to him and we hugged, speechless, for quite some time. It was actually a good moment within a bad one because I needed to know that he thinks this is really freaking hard sometimes, too.

But as bad days become a memory you'd like to forget, good moments (maybe not entire days!) follow to help make up for it. For instance, I was downstairs putting B to bed last night while M was upstairs on the potty. I thought I heard a noise, so I yelled up to him, 'M! Are you okay?' Normally I would not receive an answer from him. In fact, I don't believe I have ever received an answer from him when I have asked if he was okay. But sure enough, I heard his sweet, little voice respond appropriately to me, 'Yes.' He said 'yes!' YES! He doesn't generally say yes. He'll sometimes say no, but yes?! It was a beautiful thing.

And then there was this morning. We all slept in until a glorious 8:20 am when I heard M chattering away in his room. I went in and was greeted with the most beautiful smile. I can't truly describe this smile except to say that if you know M, you know how special it is. It is a smile that cannot be faked; one that depicts pure happiness and the innocence of my boy who wears his emotions unabashedly, unlike typical people who are better at masking them. I immediately got under the covers next to him and we snuggled, smiling all the while, for a good ten minutes. It was lovely and the right way to start a new day.

And so here we are; a new day. And all I can do is hope that the second half of it goes as lovely as the first!


Kara said...

M really does have the most incredible, whole face, shining, beautiful smile. Love that little guy. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Glad the day started out nicely for you guys. Hope it ended well too.

Mandy said...

Yeah!!! That's awesome!! I'm so glad to hear he said, "yes." That's HUGE progress! I would fall over if one of my AU kids said that out of the blue. I also love the cuddling story. Priceless!!!