Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Debbie is: tired of changing, washing, folding, putting on bed linens. She is also tired of wet carseats and clothes that smell like urine.


M has been soaking his bed probably three times a week the past couple of months. He has also been wetting his pants 1-2 times/week during the day. It is as though he is completely unaware of it or just does not care. He will sit in it until we notice. This is the child who had not had a single daytime accident in about 18 months. Why is that??
And then B decided at some point between me putting him to bed and him actually going to sleep to take off his pants and diaper. A very pissed off (ha!) B came sopping wet into my room at around 3 a.m. this morning. Oh, and did I tell you that he's taken to pooping on the floor? It is a cross between wanting attention and thinking it is hilarious when one of our dogs eats it. (Totally disgusting. Want to come pet my dog?) Psych 101 tells me that this is yet another instance where B is acting out in ways similar to his brother (though when M pees it is not because he is acting out) in order to get more attention from us. It's tough to keep your reaction in check. The bribe, I mean promise, of ice cream tomorrow seems to be helping today though!

I have finally wised up when it comes to my own tempurpedic bed. After having to unzip the fortunately-waterproof-yet-not-so-easy-to-remove-and-put-back cover a zillion times I finally bought another waterproof mattress cover to go on top of it.
I'm quick these days, I tell ya.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good overnight diaper that I haven't heard of yet? We are currently using the Overnites, size S-M. I have also tried that new competing brand and they suck even worse. Anyone? Anyone?


Lori said...

Hey! Sounds like things are rough, I'm sorry. What about the adult diapers? OORR...the pants that are plastic that you put over the clothe diapers? OOORRR...to keep from washing the sheets all the time...what about putting those wee-wee pads (this sounds bad, but the one dogs use indoors, it's gotta hold a lot, right?) over his sheet under his bottom? Wrap his car seat in saran wrap, sista!

Mama Deb said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Lori. We do have a waterproof pad that we attempt to put under him at night, but he is a restless sleeper and manages to scoot it away from him. And I bought these little inserts that go on the car seats, but keep forgetting to put them on again between washings...duh. The car seat issue is actually more B's problem than M's. B seems to find the motion of the car conducive to peeing :)

cassyjones@comcast.net said...

Wow...B is potty trained already?! Nice work!

Joanne said...

Deb-I just caught up on all your posts. My condolences for the loss of your dog and for the tough times. Hang in there!

J. said...

our mad night time pee boy was wetting through pull up for quite awhile. I switched him to size 6 huggies diapers for awhile ( much to his disontent) they hold a lot more pee. He is about 65lbs and although they were a bit on the small side they did a way better job. He is wetting a lot less now so we are back to pull ups nighttime and they are doing the job - Now that those words are out of my mouth I iwll be smitten with a week of pee filled fun...