Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things I Would Like To Have Happen For 24 Hours

1. For M to stop chewing...on EVERYTHING. Still. My guess is this is why we have all shared strep with one another this week. You should see our leather chair and couch. Argh. I need to do a super, duper, decontaminating, wipe down of everything in this house today.

2. For M to stop asking to watch this, that, and the other on tv. The only time I feel like he is engaged with anything is when he's in front of the tv, and I know that isn't good.

3. For M to want to play. The other half found a photo from when he was about three years old in our old, four-acre property. His face looked so healthy and alive, pink with sun and the sweatiness of having just run his little legs off. Where is that boy? I'm not saying he did that all the time, but at least he did it some of the time.

4. For M to stop making humming sounds constantly. There is rarely a moment of quiet in this house. Someone is always making some sort of sound, and that can be annoying after awhile, especially when you specifically ask for one second of quiet so that you can listen to that noise you heard outside that sort of freaked you out. No such luck.

5. For me to not feel the need to type out a list of things I would like M to stop doing for a day. I love this little guy with all my heart, but damn, sometimes these quirks can be maddening. I suck. I know.


little miss mel said...

the constant noise in my house is so hard to stand too.

It screams "get me out of the house to burn off this energy!!!"

Too bad I don't want to go outside.

Mandy said...

You don't suck, you're an awesome mom who loves your child deeply. Parents who don't release their tensions and stresses are usually the ones who suck b/c they withdrawal or worse, act out. Hang in there, girl. God knew you'd take care of your sweet M and be the best mommy he could ever have!!!