Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daddies Are Not Immune

The other half just got home from taking M with him to rent a video game. As they walked down the street, enjoying the beautiful weather, M was doing his happy-M-thing: a cross between a skip and a wiggle; with arms gently flailing, mouth slightly contorted, and a contented hum in his voice. The other half said that he wasn't even doing it as much as he sometimes does.

They passed two 20-somethings smoking outside of a bar. My husband heard laughter and turned around to see one of them imitating our little guy. I know the heat he felt rising through his body at that very moment.

He walked calmly over to the guy, got in his face and quietly said, 'He's autistic, and if I didn't have him here right now, I'd beat your __ ass.' (Keep in mind the other half is far from a fighter. He is the one who generally keeps a cooler head than I do!)
The guy, clearly thinking he was about to get punched, said, 'I'm sorry, man.'

The other half looked at him and said, 'One day you'll have a son...' And then he walked away.

I have to tell you..the other half just earned some points with me. If a man defending his precious son's honor isn't desirable, I don't know what is.


little miss mel said...

Awe, man. Those f*ckers!!

Way to go B! You tell em.

Mandy said...

I know who's getting lucky tonight! GO the other half!!! Bless your heart. I'm surprised the other half didn't drop M off at home and return up there to kick his a**, but then again that would be a waste of energy on a jerk!