Monday, January 12, 2009

NPH Is (Gasp!) G-A-Y?

My other half and I are big fans of the show "How I Met Your Mother." It was slow warming up to it, but now we are totally hooked; and mostly in thanks to Barney Stinson, played by no other than Doogie Howser himself, otherwise known as Neil Patrick Harris.

NPH is brilliant in this show. Hell, he's brilliant in general. He is versatile, funny, good looking, and cracks my shit up. He recently hosted SNL and I could not get enough of it.

I, being a female who appreciates a gay man and all of his fabulousness, welcomed NPH with open arms as he came out to People Mag a couple of years ago. I mean, we're going to find out that Wolverine is gay one of these days too, aren't we? Because straight men just don't sing that great or look that put together all the time, right?

I think the other half had developed a sort of hetero, bro-crush on NPH after watching his character, Barney, in action for the past year or so. Or was it from his famed cameos in Harold & Kumar movies? Either way, I am not quite sure how he missed the fact that NPH came out a couple of years ago. I am a devoted subscriber to People Magazine, and though the other half claims to never read them, I find them tucked away in the magazine rack next to the toilet, and I'm quite sure I'm not the one who left them there.

Anyhow, the other day after he was having a hearty laugh over another of Barney's antics toward the opposite sex, I said, 'Isn't it amazing that even though he plays this character so well, he's gay in real life?'

The other half got a bit pale. He may have actually burped up some of his wine that he was drinking. 'He is NOT gay,' he said, quite sure of himself. 'Uh, yes, he is. Didn't you read it in People?'

'Naw!' (said in a sort of "pshaw" kind of way) 'He's NOT really gay! he really?'

Bless him, he is all manly man, that other half of mine. He had his first hetero boy crush, but because of circumstances completely out of his control, he is unable to continue to acknowledge those feelings. I believe Neil Patrick Harris...pardon me...I mean, Barney Stinson, would say that that is Bro Code #75.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...American Idol starts tomorrow. M and I can't wait!

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little miss mel said...

Awe, poor B. It was like he was Gay side-swiped. We watched most of SNL last night. Really good. I was most fond of the Doogie Howser orchestra!