Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let The Record Show...

...I just blew the fourth item (another bean) out of my child's nose. I am not sure who the bigger fool is here; B for continuing to stick things up his nose, or me for giving him beans for lunch. Just goes to prove that brain cells are in limited supply around these here parts!

And speaking of noses...anyone else's full of Fall allergens these days? I will try not to complain too much since the occasional allergy attack here is a heck of a lot better than the approximately 351 days/year that I was snotty back in Texas. But I find any allergy pretty damned annoying. Why do so many people have allergies nowadays? Is it from all the preservatives, chemicals and nitrates we've consumed in our food and water for so many years weakening our immune systems? I've suffered from hefty allergies since college. I'm a proud user of the not-so-attractive 'allergy salute' habit. (an allergist I once saw gave me that term) You know...the one where you take the heel of your hand to the tip of your nose and stretch it ever-so-slightly upward in a sly attempt to widen your sinus passages and take a normal breath for even just a moment? The one that my friend, C, has forever captured on film...me in my Vera Wang bridesmaid's get-up at her wedding with my hand looking like I am wiping a giant booger off the tip of my nose? Neat, huh? Yeah, my nose is all out of wack from the allergies. So out of wack that I sort of freak out a little if anyone ever tries to touch it. It's like being claustrophobic (which I sort of am) times 100. Don't use this blog post as license to play the 'I stole your nose' game or I'll go all Mama Bear on you. It won't be pretty. I swear. So don't even think about it!!

During the span of typing this out I have a feeling B has now attempted to stick banana up his nose. It's not quite the right size, though, so hopefully it was unsuccessful.

Oi vey!

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Lori said...

I will try and break Hanna of her nose-honking thrills before we see you next. Yep, a friend of ours taught her to honk noses & she thinks it's really funny to do it to EVERYONE - her friends, waiters, grocery store personnel...everyone. They all think it's funny, but it sounds like it wouldn't be so funny to you. haha.