Monday, January 4, 2010

Today... son who absolutely does show happiness and excitement over seeing some people he has not seen in awhile, did not offer up any emotion at all as his aide drove toward us smiling and waving.

Today... I sat with him in the car while he finished his milk with a calmer body than most school mornings, I made him this promise: This year I will make this better for you. I absolutely will.

Today... son walked without event or emotion into his classroom and took his seat in the gray chair among a sea of blue ones. I find the symbolism of this gray chair--the one they put there to 'help him' know his seat from the others--ironic and sad.


...I will fight some more for a promising, APPROPRIATE, and FAIR education for my boy who has so much potential that continues to go unseen by these people.


Cassy said...

REALLY???? A gray chair amongst all blue ones...really??? Couldn't they be just touch more subtle...seriously?!?!

Here's to a 2010 filled with promise!!

Claire said...

As an adult I can see the huge stigma attached to that grey chair. As I child I would be incensed because grey is such a rubbish colour!

sarah said...

poetic, touching and full of love. thank you for sharing. 2010 is your year. Thanks for continuing the long and hard fight.

Sunday said...

Excellent description of stims!

My 2 boys have quite a few of the same ones you described. Currently the screaming 'EEEEEE' is making me a little nuts but I think knowing it is a stim and not just him wanting to drive me crazy makes it easier to handle.

Susan Senator said...

I just found this blog and you are terrific! Very healthy attitude. --Susan