Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Allies In Strange Places?

I still haven't heard back from the special education director, but the district's BCBA (board certified behavioral analyst) called yesterday and I asked her if the director had mentioned getting my messages. This turned into a full-on confessional of my thoughts and concerns about my son's school program and the incompetent teachers and aides he is with most of his day. I was hesitant to spill some of the beans with her--which she totally sensed--and then admitted to me that she has been documenting some of her own concerns about these people and their ability to connect with M as well as properly execute the programs she has laid out before them. It was a relief to hear her tell me this. I mean, don't we all just need a little validation of our feelings every once in awhile to let us know we aren't completely off our rockers? I know I probably need that validation more than most given my teetering position on the edge of sanity's cliff :)
Anyhow, she took notes of our conversation and was going to send them to the director for discussion. She suggested that the three of us get together to speak further about all of this. I told her I was open to that as long as the classroom teacher was not there because I wanted to be able to feel I could be open and honest. So we will see what this brings about...
Ironically, we are closer than ever to getting the heck out of dodge for M's sake. We are considering the boys, pets and I making a move back to the mother ship soon where we'd live in a rental home while the other half stays here to sell this one.
In the town I grew up in, there are more than a few elementary schools that have 'centralized structured classrooms' for kids with autism. They are set up using autism-specific methodologies; organized, quieter, and language-based. FOR FREE! It's absurd to me that there aren't more options like that here. Absolutely absurd.
But what would be even more absurd, and oh-so in line with the way life has gone 'round here, is if this district finally agreed to pay for the crazy-expensive private school for M right when I was thisclose to moving back to Texas. I am really not sure what our response would be if that was offered to us at this point. As much as we love it here, we are realizing the value of family support for the mental well being of each member of our family.
So stay tuned for more...I have no idea where this train's taking us!

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