Friday, October 9, 2009

O Blogosphere, How Small Thou Art

Today I toured another (yes, quite expensive) private autism school. I got total warm fuzzies at this place and really liked what I saw. It gave me another burst of energy to get 'er done once and for all. The other half and I need to have a sincere come to Jesus about all of this. (again)

But the best part of my meeting today? Toward the end of it, the director was talking about how parents of kids with autism have to adapt to this craziness in the public school world (essentially) and realize this is the new norm. I chuckled and said, 'I actually have a blog called This Is My New Normal.' The teacher sitting next to me said, 'Oh my gosh, that's you? I've read your blog!' We all got a good laugh out of that one and I half-seriously asked if I needed to start censoring myself. I suspect that I am safe with this teacher, though. And, S, if you are was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for making me feel less insecure in my thoughts that M's current setting sucks the big one :)


Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee, what a small world :-)

fer said...

You would kind of think, the longer you stay put in one place, the smaller your world should get, but I just find those octopus arms stretching out into new and unexpected places myself!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

No way! that is so weird :)!