Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thankful Sunday

Today I am thankful for the ocean. The one I look at as I wash dishes, take a shower, walk by my dining room table...something I try hard not to take for granted. I look to see how many fishing boats are heading out each morning, and to see the lone light of the last one in after dusk. I look to see if the waves are high by counting the black dots of surfers in wetsuits. I gauge the outside temperature by how far off the coast the fog lies. I love this ocean.

When we decided to move here the main plus that kept coming up was how good we thought the ocean would be for M. I must admit that for the first ten of our fifteen months here I did not have much confidence in taking my two boys to the beach. After several failed attempts I could not see the worth of trying. But as of late, when my boy gets agitated on just about any errand or outing we take, the ocean has become my sanctuary. It is the place I know he will remain content watching the waves crash, and digging, digging the sand with his fingers and toes. And because B loves to hunt for 'treasures,' run as fast as he can and dive into the sand over and over, and humors my new obsession of hunting for sea glass, I look forward to our visits to the beach. This amazing ocean is the thing that continues to cause me doubt in ever leaving this place.

I wish I could win the lottery and start an autism school of my own here on the coast...oh, and move all of our family here so we can have the support and love we miss so very much!


Casdok said...

Hope you win the lottery! Sounds bliss.

sarah said...

Lets plan an outing together to Bean Hollow Beach, so much fun, when? Im serious, last minute trips dont work for me, I have to have it mentally planned out, not that it ever goes the way I picture it, but I like to pretend. Looking forward to dinner and drinks tomorrow.

Mandy said...

Well, you're moving me there, too. After reading that blog post, I want to come!!! My kids love the ocean, water, pools, etc., also. I can imagine how it's quite the sanctuary that you deserve to have in your daily life!