Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

The other half went out for a beer tonight. He started off at our local brew pub, a respectable enough place that unfortunately had a bad Rolling Stones cover band and a lead singer whose Mick impersonation was apparently scaring people off the dance floor. And so, he decided to leave...for the bar next door. This bar is not quite as respectable, but can certainly be more fun at times. The people watching is first class, and there is a sign over the pool table that reads 'No Fighting.' Naturally, most nights you can catch a fight or two.

The other half comes home looking a bit bewildered. I asked if he enjoyed himself and he began the following tale...

Apparently a rather unattractive, down-on-her-luck 'lady' was doing her best to put the moves on my man. He went to the bathroom at one point, leaving his glasses on the bar. This 'lady' told him when he got back that she almost took them so that he'd have to call her to get them back. Niiice.

But wait! It gets way classier, ladies and gents! She then says to him, 'Hey, want to hear a bad joke?' Hold onto your hats, this one's good...

Question: 'What's better than winning two medals at the special olympics?'
Answer: 'Not being retarded!'


Are you effing kidding me? Seriously, we cannot make this stuff up, people. My husband, a father to a precious boy with autism who may very well be mentally challenged as well, got hit on by a woman with a special olympics joke!

She asked why he didn't laugh and he told her that a.) it wasn't funny, and b.) he had a son who is autistic. The classy lady went on to tell the other half about her 'research' in autism and how there isn't any gray area with these's just black or white. Uh-okay. Funny thing, we've got one of them-thar 'gray autistics.'

Maybe I should find this woman--who by the way has a son--and see if she'd like to babysit for us?

(Please tell me someone else laughed when they read this!)


little miss mel said...

what a class act.

I don't think I laughed per say, as I was mostly MORTIFIED over her "so-called-funny" joke.

some people.

Hope the birthday party was a success!

Mandy said...

I smiled at your good attitude about it. I'd likely want to do more to her than let her babysit!! I'm sure B's look said it all!

Kara said...

Holy balls! Laughed, yes, but more in a who the feck let that lady procreate sort of way.

Karenworks said...

I winced, does that count?

Will you feel better if I tell you about the friend who said maybe it would be better if my child with low tone died in his 50's (I had mentioned the possibility to her) so we didn't have to worry about his care when we were gone?

There is always a more horrifying story.