Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old McDonald Had Some Overalls...

...Eeyi Eeyi Oh!

After searching unsuccessfully for overalls in a size 6, I finally wised up and remembered dear old ebay. For $8.25 we are the proud owners of a pair of barely used Osh Kosh overalls that fit M perfectly and have...dare I say it out loud...kept his hands off his nether regions for most of the day!

Now granted the poor child is trying his hardest to squeeze the be-jaysus out of his unit through the denim, but it is nothing compared what we have been dealing with and certainly won't allow for eau de penis smell on his fingertips. The only problem?? Now I need to check back on ebay for another pair of overalls because Mama does not want to have to wash these things every single day!

Anybody have a pair of boys' size 6 overalls they want to part with?!

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