Monday, June 1, 2009

Come On! Everyone's Doing it!

Okay, so not everyone, but three, whole people are not afraid to admit to the world that they are followers of 'This Is My New Normal.'
Why not join the bandwagon? Pretend you're a member of a really cool, exclusive club. Pretend I give you free crap. (pretend, okay?)

I mean, comedians don't become comedians so that they can tell jokes to themselves, do they? Heck no! They want an audience!

So if you're reading, fess up and let me know!


Anonymous said...



little miss mel said...

um, you already know I am here. I'm one of the google reader people. :D

jewils said...

I check almost every day. I'm a die hard follower.

Holly said...

rock on!

Kara said...

I'm here!! Not in a timely fashion, but your 1 of few in my regular rotation!!

Kara said...

well where the feck did my comment go. clearly, user error. So, I;m here! Not timely, but I always come around for a visit. You are 1 of my few regulars.