Saturday, December 27, 2008

Changes Are A-Brewin'...

...can you feel that?

I can.

Better make your plans to come visit me in this beautiful place before it is too late.
You just never know what might happen next.

And I could use a really good excuse to go the wine country for a day or two. your tickets. Pronto!


sarah said...

like the tone of the post, the sassiness...but not sure i like the idea of your leaving, but i know it may be what is best for your fam......damn we better get drunk together soon!

fer said...

are you kidding me???? We are thinking about Feb 12/13...maybe on Sat. night you and me and Patty and any other sassy women could get together? Don't be moving before then??? Sheesh.

Amber said...

Are you coming back to Texas? I hope so! Some changes can be good.

gwendomama said...

okay miss sassy.....unless you're goin to hawaii i don wanna hear it.

mama's night out @ costanoa sound good???

gwendomama said...

dude. and why does sarah keep leaving a picture of bubbles in her comments? ;)

Mama Deb said...

Fer...I don't imagine we'll be gone before February. I am thrilled to hear you'll be here then!

I am going to be intentionally vague on this blog about potential plans because the other half still has to figure it all out with his job, etc.

But time is a-wastin' when it comes to M and we may try to get me, all the pets, and the boys back to where my in-laws live so that the house here can more easily be shown. I need to get him to good schools, therapy centers that will accept our insurance, and the TLC we get from the other half's family.
This is literally the most grown up decision we have ever had to make. It comes with such a mixed bag of emotions because we love it here. But how can you *really* love a place if it is a detriment to your child, you know?
All I know is that we can't keep going like we are. There is too much stress here to remain healthy. Thank you all for your support.

And, yes! Yes to getting drunk with friends, and yes to a night at Costanoa!

jennyalice said...

cheers to making tough but good decisions... count me in for a night with some good drinks and great women.

little miss mel said...

Awe Debbie.....moving again??

I am behind your decisions 100% but will be so bummed to see you move before we've had a chance to spend some time together.

We'll work something out before you go, right? right? mwwwaaaah!

Mama Deb said...

Mel...I just saw that there is an Amtrak ride to Sacramento. Maybe we could do that one weekend and come see you?