Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A little break will do a Mama good, but damn is it hard to jump back into reality!
I was fortunate enough to finally have an entire week without hands on parenting duties.  I visited my parents back on the mother ship (after having not seen them for nearly a year-crazy) and then the other half flew in and we joined some of his friends and their wives for the Austin City Limits music festival.  I am fairly certain I have officially gotten too old to spend three days drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol in the hot outdoors of a Texas park filled with 90,000 people each day.  Ouch.  My liver hurts!  I was so, so ready to get back and see my sweet boys.  I missed them so much, and I realized that feeling such an emptiness in my heart without them was exactly what I needed to feel to refresh me and get me ready to live the day to day craziness until the next break!  (which will likely not be for a very, very long time)

Along with the reality of day to day parenting comes the reality of crappy things happening around us all every single day.  Okay, so the rescue of the Chilean miners is a huge bright spot of goodness, but let's face it, it's tough out there.

I got some news from a close friend yesterday that has sent me into a bit of a tailspin.  One of B's best little buddies has just been diagnosed with leukemia.  I can barely type that out without getting a huge lump in my throat.  This little guy isn't even four years old and he has fucking cancer.  Seriously...WHY?

Clearly I am not experiencing the same depth of emotion as my friend is feeling for her son, but I have not thought of much else over the last 26 hours.  I feel a heaviness in my bones and have been walking around in a daze.  This is just too close.  Too, too close.  And I want to be there for my friend in every capacity she needs me to be without stepping on her toes or making her feel like I am doing too much.

Isn't that fine line in so many of life's situations a bitch?

No matter your beliefs, please keep a really freaking amazing little boy in your thoughts or prayers.  Light a candle.  Meditate.  Do a dance.  Just send some healing power to this kiddo.  D is truly one of the strongest and toughest three year olds I have ever met.  This kid's been riding a two wheeler since he was two years old and jumping off of bike ramps probably as long.  He has a gusto like no other and I know it will serve him well in this fight.

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Cassy said...

thoughts and prayers for D and his family!