Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cracking Yourself Up (For Reasons Most People Wouldn't Understand)

I've had a bit of trouble sleeping this week.  Not sure exactly why, but being one who absolutely needs my beauty rest, this isn't a fun thing for me to experience.

This morning when I would have loved to have slept in, I awoke before 7 am and realized that, finally, after nearly two months since the last time I'd gone, I would be able to use this opportunity to go sea glass hunting!

The timing of the low tide was in my favor, the air was fairly still, and the cafe down the street was open for me to get my morning cup o' joe.

I got to my favorite 'secret' beach, greeted the herons and harbor seals, and made my way across the sand.

It's a good thing this beach is totally desolate on mornings like this.  I'm sure people would wonder who the hell I was talking to!  But it's my time to talk to the animals, sing out loud, and ponder life.

I cracked myself up at one point when I thought to myself, 'I hope that I find something really rare today.'

And without a hitch, I answered my own thought with a chuckle because, after all, I'd found a little peace and quiet BY MYSELF...and isn't that the rarest thing of all?

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Cassy said...

Totally awesome! As I thought 'totally awesome'... memories of studying the valley girl dictionary came flooding back to! Anyway, I hope you found some treasures!!!