Thursday, July 22, 2010

Irving strangulation case: Mom says she wanted 'normal kids'

Irving strangulation case: Mom says she wanted 'normal kids'

Okay, please don't read the above if you are the parent of a child with autism who is feeling overly stressed right now as I was yesterday when I read it!!

I am not 100% sure about even re-posting the story here, but I feel a huge need to talk about it.

The link is not to the main news story, but to a blogger's thoughts about it. She gives some really good advice and insight that I thought was worth sharing.

I also want to tell my friends who are reading this--especially those of you who do not have children with special needs--that you make life easier for me every day that you are
here for me, listening and offering encouragement. Sometimes I wonder why y'all stick around. Even I get tired of hearing myself talk about autism sometimes. And yet you stay and you love me for me.
(well, and I have excellent taste in wine and music, but that's a whole other point-ha!)

But, seriously...thank you. I couldn't do this without you.


sarah said...

you inspire me Debbie. You make me laugh. You are honest, open, and real. You make me laugh. You understand people, life, the world. I couldn't imagine not knowing you. really.

Joanne said...

Me too, Debbie. When I went down the autism road with C, you were the first person I wanted to talk to. And you know I have always had a heart for your gorgeous little M. Thanks right back at you for having the courage to do what you do every day, and to help and encourage us. I love you.

Leah said...

Hey, Deb. Have been loving your posts lately, but, of course, I always love your posts. I, too, felt compelled to write about the woman in Irving. It just makes me hurt all over ....


K- floortime lite mama said...

I just read your very moving post on Hopeful parents