Thursday, September 17, 2009

I May Be Biased, But I Think It's Pretty Freaking Cute!

B is absolutely LOVING his new nursery school. The poor kid begged to go to school all summer and now he finally has a place to call his own after spending his entire 2.5 years being schlepped to and from M's schools and places for therapy. He attends preschool two days a week for 2.5 hours each time at this fabulous, old-school place right on the beach. It's absolutely perfect for him.

Today, he did a language arts exercise with one of his teachers, Amanda, who he has nicknamed 'Panda.'

Here is what he responded to the question 'What makes you feel...'

Happy? Doing Papers makes me happy! (Papers, he explained to me, was what he called doing this particular activity)

Sad? When I fall down!

Silly? My mouth!

Excited? My Mommy & Daddy go to parties! (I should explain here that we don't really go to many parties...we have been doing lots of pretend play where we act like we are having a birthday party)

Confused? Um...the grass!

Disappointed? Um...that truck right there!

Bored? Um...that....the papers!

Angry? When I falled and screamed at Mommy!

Loved? My Mommy! (Bless you, my sweet boy!)

Scared? Monsters! RAWWR!!

Damn, he's cute...


sarah said...

He is not just cute, he is smart, curious, always down for a good run, and he is super fun to be around. Love that school too. and sad we missed the language arts interview....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous. And the older he gets the more he looks like his big bro!

Cassy said...

That's just adorable! Confused & the heck does he know what those words mean? Smarty pants! He looks so much like M...cutie pies!

Amber said...

Very, very cute. And good looking too. ;)