Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still Trying

I haven't shared with most of you what the private school I want M to go to has said after the director's meeting with the school founders. I waited on pins and needles for a WHOLE 10 DAYS until I finally sent an email asking what had happened. She had apparently been out with the flu (non-swine, fortunately!) and was apologetic for leaving me hanging. Well, there really wasn't any good news for us at all...just talk of the school seeking out non-public school accreditation (which would allow public schools to refer students there) and then a slight mention of 'let's talk soon about what we can do for M in the meantime.' We have not yet spoken, though I continue to attempt to wait patiently!

I have made another futile attempt with the current school district. I sent a message last night that said that after much thought, I still do not believe the placements offered are appropriate for my child and that I needed x, y & z per the professional assessment we provided the school. They've scheduled another meeting (for when, I am not yet sure) and I'm sure we'll have another go-round of how much progress M is making and how their research shows that all of these transitions and different teachers he works with is better for him, blah, blah, blah.

The next step is putting our house on the market. We are very close to doing this. We have a few suggestions for potentially better public schools/districts. It's fairly dumb to try and chase the perfect district since none of them are 'perfect' so to speak, but there may be more money available in some districts to pay for my kiddo's particular needs. Again...we shall see.

I can't believe I'm still waiting to see how this will all play out! This is definitely a test on what little patience I have.


sarah said...

always hoping for the best for Miles and for YOU. Can't wait to catch up very soon over a nice bottle of wine!

Casdok said...

Waiting can be so frustrating. I hope it all plays out how you want it to.

Miss Kitty said...

If only I could get that "BIG BREAK" I'd pay for the damn school. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.