Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Crazy Shiznit

My parents just left after a six-day visit. Lots to talk about, but little energy to think so I will leave you with a most bizarre tale from my brother.

My brother lives outside of Lexington, Kentucky. He called us on Friday and said, 'Hey! I met William Shatner yesterday!' My response: 'I heard he's a bit of an asshole. How did you meet him?'

Wait for it...

(and no, it wasn't at a Star Trek convention)

'I witnessed a murder.'

Well, crap. That was NOT what I expected his answer to be.

Anyhow, my brother was shopping at a bookstore. As he walked out, he heard a gunshot and turned just in time to witness one man walk up to another man, put a gun to the back of his head, and fire. He fled the scene in his car, and after they were sure that he was gone, my brother went to the man who had been shot, but he was clearly already deceased. It was about this time when he met William Shatner who owns a horse farm in the area and was also shopping in the bookstore. They had to stay there for several hours until they were sure the suspect was not still in the shopping center, and naturally they had to answer a ton of questions. My brother will have to testify when this goes to court. Messed up, huh? Sadly,(or is it a good thing?) I think his years in the navy prepared him to not be too bothered by the sight of a dead man. When I asked him if he was going to speak to a professional he said, 'Nah. This isn't going to bother me.' I have to say, I can't get the story out of my mind. I certainly don't know how he could.

So that is my piece of drama to now share with you. Here's the full story:



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Miss Kitty said...

Wow...all I can say is wow! I hope your brother is ok. It just seems so surreal.