Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Has It Really Been Nearly Two Weeks?

Wow...I can't believe I've taken this long of a break from my blog! Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? Do you sense my insecurity and need for a back pat right about now? haha.

The break was unintentional and not necessarily due to anything in particular. We've all continued to pass around various viruses which was (and continues to be) no fun. We had guests from out of town visit for two days. M didn't go to school for two straight weeks. (One due to aforementioned virus and one for Winter break) It has rained for pretty much three weeks straight. The other half went to London to bury a beloved uncle. The other half got sick. The other half traveled to Portland. The other half is currently in Austin. In other words, Mama Deb has spent a hell of a lot of time with her children, alone, while they have been sick, cranky and unoccupied of their time. Whoopee!!!! And what was worse was that I was sick and cranky much of that time, too, which meant little wine consumption to help bide my time. Ahh well...my liver is happier.

So basically I am coming off of this break with not a damned thing to report. Well, unless you would like to hear my thoughts on American Idol and last night's finale of The Bachelor. Oh, you do want to hear my thoughts on those things? Great! Here goes...

I canNOT for the life of me understand the allure of the ambiguously gay, Adam Ant-wannabe, Adam Lambert. I don't believe I have ever disliked a contestant on that show so heartily as I do this one. It's usually the other half that gets all riled up about annoying contestants, and I just sit back and say, 'Okay, honey. Uh-huh. Yep.' But I'm right there with him this time. The guy grates on my nerves like a nursing baby clamping down on your nipple. Yeah. That's how much I dislike him. I want him to stop wearing so much makeup...it makes his pores look bigger. I want him to not wear skinny jeans. Heck, I want ALL members of the male gender to stop wearing skinny jeans. And I don't ever, ever want him to butcher another Rolling Stones song again. Please, please!!!

And then there is The Bachelor...le sigh. I admit that I was a bit smitten with Mr. Jason Mesnick when he was slayed by Deanna last season, but this season he ruined it for me. The guy is probably reasonably nice; and I'm sure he really and truly loves his son; but damn, he needs to get his head out of reality tv-land and buck up a LOT. Does anyone else wonder what his ex-wife thinks of him doing this show? Is she saying to her friends, 'See? This is why I cheated on him!!' Does she hate it as much as I do that he keeps parading his child out to meet all of these fakely interested women? I just don't get it. I feel like last night cemented for me the idea that this show pays people to go for the bigger ending. That has to be what happened last night, doesn't it? Gah...I can't even type anymore about it because it pisses me off too badly.

And this concludes your senseless update from the past two weeks.

I'll leave you with a deliciously adorable picture of M & B at the harbor last week. Check out M's new glasses. The boy is stylin'!

Oh, and I can't resist posting this one too...and I fully expect B to be mad at me for this one day:

We had a great three-day run of potty training with him, though that has ended. In that photo he is begrudgingly using the toilet while wearing his big brother's tennis shoes.

Over and out...


little miss mel said...

I was gonna say, those shoes looked rather big. haha

Don't get me started on the Bachelor. I haven't even seen any of last night, but new well before what was going to happen. Someone told me to look up realitysteve.com for the latest scoop last week. I've been appalled ever since. Jason sucks!!

Ya, the guy on AI is a bugger. If he just didn't try so hard, I'd actually like him and maybe want him to win, but knowing he's a theatre dude that acts his way through this competition might be too much to bare. agh!

Sorry you have been in charge as of late. Sounds a little like my neck of the woods, but on a greater scale. You could add in a teething baby who can't seem to sleep past 5:45am for weeks now. JOY!

Amber said...

I did miss you! And oh my goodness, we are living parallel lives my sister. I feel like I could have written that same blog post. Including the part about the Bachelor. Here's hoping it gets better. Ever think of moving to San Marcos? We can drink wine together and ignore all the rest of this crap.

fer said...

Just when I was about to send a shout-out, you reappeared, sister!

On the Bachelor: For the life of me I cannot figure out why his ex let her son join the spectacle that is the Bachelor. My only theory is that a lot of money was promised. If I had to see Jason's pseudo-emotional, ridiculously over-the-top running-hugging reunion on the New Zealand beach one more time, I was going to gag on my remote control. Please.

Melissa is lucky to not join the circus.

jody said...

Sorry Deb, I love Adam!

sarah said...

glad to have you back....

Mandy said...

OMG! I love it!!! You crack me up. Glad to have you back!