Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When The Mice Are Away (and by 'mice' I mean 'the other half')...

The children will get sick. M will stay home from school for three days. It will rain outside thus forcing you to remain inside. And you will be filled with 'conversations' like this one with B just now:

B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "Its the fire engine's door."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's the wheel."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's the ladder."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's the button you push to make the siren sound."
B: (not missing a beat) "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's a Dr. Seuss video."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's a Muppet Show video."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "It's an ambulance."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "The medical equipment the paramedics use to help people."
B: (A-ha! Something new!) "People hurt, Mommy."
Me: "Yes, paramedics help people when they are hurt."
B: "Peoples hurt."
Me: "Yes, they help hurt people."
B: "Peoples hurt."
B: "What's this, Mommy?"
Me: "Lightening McQueen."
B: (holding a smaller replica of the last car in question) "What's this, Mommy?"
B: "Where's Sally, Mommy?"
Me: (realizing an opportunity here) "I think she's in my bathroom....why don't you go look for her."
B: "I go look for Sally, Mommy."
Me: (ahhhhhhhh.....silence for two whole minutes while I posted this)

---And now----

B: "I have diapers, Mommy. I found diapers, Mommy. I found mermaids, Mommy." (when referring to his swim diapers that we, oops, got in the girly, Little Mermaid print). "Put on diaper, Mommy. I put on mermaid, Mommy."

It's going to be a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg day!


Mandy said...

OMG!! Boy do I know your (ear) pain. I thought Margelle was curious at 3 with all the questions, but it's worse now! I love your dialogue! Too cute!!!!

Mama Deb said...

Oh, hell, Mandy...don't tell me it gets worse!

Mandy said...

YES, it gets MUCH worse!! MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse! You can't talk about anything with anyone without endless questions. Can't wait to read more about it.