Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Hard To Blog When You Don't Have A Computer

Ye ole laptop was struck by a gnarly worm or some such malicious thingamabob that I was unable to figure out and I was android phone-only for about six weeks.  It sucked.  What the heck did we do before the interwebs?  Seriously?!
It's been a busy, busy summer 'round here, and frankly, I'm tired of leaving my house.
The creative juices are not quite flowing yet for me to jump back into full blog-irific hilarity, so I'll give you a brief M run-down:
-Confirmed diagnosis of hypoparathyroid disease (a calcium disorder)
-An ACTH stimulation test showed that he tested negative for Addison's Disease, though because he has some symptoms of the disorder (belly pain, low blood pressure, low cortisol and hypoparathyroid disease) we may test again in about a year.
-Didn't like the resident doctor we were seeing at UCSF or her inability to read a chart and see what we'd already been doing with no results, so I switched to Stanford.  Score one for Mom's good judgment.  New resident is a dream; attentive, enthusiastic, and--gasp--actually prescribing treatment that is delivering results!  Calcium number is in the 'much better' range.
-M, unfortunately, has to endure weekly blood draws in order to constantly gauge calcium, phosphorous, and various other levels that my brain can't currently recall.  Thank you, emla cream.  My boy is brave little champ.
-Genetics appointment coming up on September 6th.  We've done very basic genetic testing twice before (the last being over two  years ago), but now that we have a bit more information on the endocrine front, they are going to do some more specific testing.  Our endocrinologist has a strong hunch that he may be diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome, but we will see.  It would make sense in many ways.  If any of you reading this have experience with DiGeorge, I would very much like to connect with you!!  Please leave a comment for me, if you would.

Enjoy the last few days of summer to those who haven't started school yet!

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starnes family said...

You think so? I would agree that blogging without a computer would be a challenge.

Thanks for the update. Been thinking about you guys!