Friday, April 22, 2011

Because Facebook Doesn't Seem To Be The Right Audience...

I needed to write down a couple of hilarious things that B has said over the past couple of weeks.  The kid comes up with some downright doozies!

As I have mentioned before, the poor little guy has asked for a sister for eons now.  It breaks my heart that he thinks a sister would be more likely to talk and play with him.  He's also been saying to me that 'maybe when M is eight he will talk.  Do eight-year-olds have autism, Mom?'  But I digress.  This is about the funny stuff, not the sad stuff.

A couple of weeks ago he asked the other half, again, if he could have a sister.  Unfortunately, the other half's typical response is 'go ask your mother.'  So in he trotted to me as I was working on my laptop to ask for a sister.  When I told him it just wasn't that simple he said, 'Yes, it is!  Just go to!'  Ahhh...he is too much.

The next story I heard secondhand from the other half.  A little background info:  I, with the mouth only the daughter of a sailor could have, have been making great attempts to say other words beside the four-letter ones that generally are so satisfying to say.  Instead of saying 'shit' I have started saying 'shish kabob.' And instead of exclaiming the word that starts with an 'f' and rhymes with 'duck,' I have been exclaiming (with great frequency, I now realize) 'Jay-sus!'  Now, I was raised a fine Catholic girl.  I realize taking the Lord's name in vain is frowned upon (even if I do put a slightly different inflection on that first syllable), but I figure that the Lord thinks it's better to exclaim his name than to curse, right?  Well...apparently Mr. B was frustrated the other day and copied my exclamation.  The other half looked at him and said, 'What did you say?  That's not a nice thing for little boy's to go around yelling.'  Without missing a beat, B looked at him and said, 'I said 'cheese sauce,' Dad!'
So now I'm going to be saying 'cheese sauce' instead of 'Jay-sus' when I'm frustrated.
This is particularly funny to the other half and I because I have always been told of a story of when he was a little boy and angrily yelled 'God!' in front of his Dad.  When his Dad asked him to repeat what he'd said, he told him, 'I said 'Hod!'  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but B beats his Dad on creativity!


Nicole English said...

Brilliant. I may start saying cheese sauce as well. Better than the Jaysus, Joseph and Mary and all the fark words that are often heard around here. :)

My 9 year old son desperately wants a sister and an 8 year old brother who talks :(

I've just had my 4th boy and he has finally realised that his (and my) sister dreams are over. He can't say I didn't try though :)

redheadmomma said...

Hey! why are we not fb friends? I don't see your email, so email me at redheadmomma at msn dot com and I'm happy to give you my full name so you can find me (or vice versa!). Who knows, I probably see you on fb all the time on other people's pages...that happens a LOT. :) R