Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I wanted to thank each of you for taking the time to share your advice, personal accounts, and encouragement that it would be okay for me to take a trip without M.

I sent many of your comments to the other half--I thought it was very important for him to read so many viewpoints that differed from his.

It has been decided that M will come with us.  I know he will have an amazing time once we get there and am hoping for a happy surprise on the long flight over.  The good news is that my wonderful mother-in-law will be coming with us to help with both boys.  This may be even better than the original plan of just taking B with us as now we will have the opportunity to get away occasionally without either of the kids!  I see fruity drinks with umbrellas and lots of time lounging by the pool in my future and I cannot wait!  The weather has been awful here for weeks, so this trip can't come soon enough.

Thanks again.  I so appreciate those who take time to read what I write, but even more so for those who are willing to share their opinions with me!


fer said...

Perhaps the best of all possible worlds, as you leave potential for guilt behind. Plus, another sent of hands on the flight? I wish for you a wonderful time and wonderful memories, too.

Mom to JBG said...

While I was one of the people who encouraged you to leave M. home, I agree with fer that a guilt-free trip will be easier to enjoy in a lot of ways.

Your MIL is the best! Enjoy your time with the kids and without 'em.

Mandy said...

Ok, now that we know the answer...I've come up with a beautiful compromise...First of all, your MIL is wonderful. God puts little angles in our lives for a reason. The best way to do this vacation guilt free is to leave BOTH of them. Have MIL and SIL come in town some time and you and B go on a nice, relaxing, extended (not just a weekend,) trip by yourself. You two deserve it! This way you don't have to feel guilty!!

College Girls said...

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