Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Sun Is Shining

I thought this fact was worth noticing every once in awhile!

Which reminds me...I need to occasionally remind myself of the sunny things in my life; especially those things that on first glance may not seem so sunny, but really are.

-M can feed himself.  It makes me a tiny bit crazy that he still mostly opts for using his fingers. And even though a ton of his food ends up on his lap, the floor, or smeared on the lenses of his glasses, he is feeding himself.

-M can walk.  I feel like I spend much of my time holding onto a limp-gripped hand that relies way more on my back muscles than his own to pull him along, but he is walking.  Before he began to do so at nearly two years of age, I yearned for any sort of independent walking.  I need to remember that.

-M loves watching movies and television.  It's that thing a modern Mom hates to admit given the general population's theories and opinions on tv and our children, but this is one of a very, very short list of things that my boy finds pleasure in.  But you know what...he is happy when he's doing it.

-M knows how to use the potty.  Even though he has taken a step back over the past six or so months and wets himself a few times each week; and even though he still has to wear a diaper at night; he never has a bowel movement in his pants and has worn big-boy underpants during the day for nearly two and a half years.  Trust me...this is huge.

-M loves to eat.  I worry that his low muscle tone and lack of desire to exercise will contribute to him becoming more overweight.  I also worry that he has developed a wee bit of a food obsession through some of the behavioral training they are doing in school.  BUT...M enjoys many types of food.  The same cannot be said for many children with autism who may only have a handful of different foods they'll tolerate.  He is a good eater and eats a huge variety of foods.

So like my 'Thankful Sundays' which seem to have gone by the wayside, I need to throw in the occasional
post where I look at things on the bright side.

It could always be worse, right?!


One Mom said...

A great outlook...I know I could sure benefit from stopping to smell the roses more often.

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Lots of things to be thankful and grateful for! :) life is full of ying and yang... emptiness and fullness... stress and joy... you just cant escape it, huh? It's always nice to remind ourselves of what we HAVE once in a while. thanks for reminding us!

Mandy said...

It is completely fair to say that YOU make me be a better mom. I admire you so much! Love you, girl!!!