Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've decided... go semi-private here. I've sent a bunch of invites out, so hopefully you received one! And if not, hopefully you'll realize that you can't view my site and you'll email me. But how would you know that I am hoping these things? You can't if you didn't get the friggin' email! Oi...I am over complicating yet another aspect of my life :)

Supposedly if you are a blog author you should be granted automatic access.

And now to see if anyone still reads this. I'm hoping that I'll have some hangers-on. I also am still very happy to grow the readership, so feel free to ask me to add someone. I really do want to be public, but I realized that in responding to some other blogs I was stupidly linking my nieces and nephews to my blog. And really, they don't need to read this crap, do they?!

Onward and upward!


jewils said...

I'm still here. And glad that you're blogging! I've been terrible with mine over the past year.

gwendomama said...

google should make it easier to hide your profile when you comment. this mistake has been made by COUNTLESS!!!
anyway, they only mean that the authors of YOUR BLOG only are able to automatically view.
Everyone else needs the invite.
Thanks for mine.

little miss mel said...

I'm still here :D

Debbie said...

Well hell... hopefully I can go public again in awhile. Maybe with a new blog name and all :)

Jody said...

Still here...just figured this out...had lost my google info.

Debbie said...

I changed it so that anyone, registered or not, can respond now. best be getting in on the conversation now :)